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Thread: Trolley on Aruba

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    May 2011
    palm beach.downtown
    knowing the speed anything done in Aruba i wouldn,t hold my breath for tomorrow or next year opening. may be next to next year may be a bit longer

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    We'll be in Aruba in March our friends will be joinging us March 18th which is Flag Day we were going to pick them up at airport is this a good idea or should they take a taxi to get to the Surf Club??

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    Senior Member rob o's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by CandyC55 View Post
    We'll be in Aruba in March our friends will be joinging us March 18th which is Flag Day we were going to pick them up at airport is this a good idea or should they take a taxi to get to the Surf Club??
    Tell them to take the taxi.....beach time is too valuable to waste time just to save the small fee for the taxi ride.

    However, given the topic of this thread.....too bad the trolley isn't an option.
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    Aruba since 1979
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    May 2007

    Welcome plaza/ trolley track photos

    i cannot read the article but the photos of the welcome plaza/trolley track finishing gives us an idea


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    Dec 2011
    Pelican Pier at sunset with a bucket of Brights! Sunsets at Bunker Bar LG Smith Steakhouse, Paddock
    Thanks for the pics Andrea...sure looks like these guys are working very hard and doing a great job. I'm sure they will be proud of the job they have done when finished, it is going to be quite nice I'm sure. Cannot wait to hop on board!

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    Feb 2011
    They need to do this, by having everything built outside of the city, downtown is a ghost town at night.

    If the cruise ships aren't in port, there are shops that weren't even open. The Gelato place was closed before 10pm.

    When you allow the outline areas to build up, your hurting your downtown. A trolley could get traffic back to downtown.

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    Senior Member Tom and Stanley's Avatar
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    Dec 2009
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    I was in town the other nite with my neighbor for pizza at a hidden gem of a place. That's another post all together, but the tracks are a pain. Many streets are dug up with the rails going in inbeded in concrete. No one is around as the streets are blocked and in some places difficult to walk down. We talked to the owner of the little we went to and she told us many of the businesses are losing a lot of money. People just can not get to them. She did say that the first trolley is to start running on the second week of December 2012 for the Christmas Season. I will believe it when I hear the bell. It would appear the many of the streets will be pedestrian and trolley only. I will see how long it takes for a person to get hit by the trolley. . . . We talked about the reason behind this and we could not come up with a logical reason to spend the money as it was designed. Seemed to us that a better plan / route could have been designed. . . . Anyway, that's our thoughts on it. . .

    Tom and Stanley ( the Aruba Guys)

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    Senior Member tavilas's Avatar
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    Jul 2010
    Eagle Beach, California Lighthouse, Baby Beach

    just returned

    well i was just there for 9 days and seen much work done in just 9 days...some sections totally done others in final stages...they were acutally working hard ..... should be a great boost for the business in will make 8 stops and loop back to cruise terminal....great idea

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    Oct 2011
    I think the trolly will be exciting and a big bonus for the shops. The cruiz folks will love the idea of being able to be taken directly to the shops but I think many would rather be taken to the beach. Still good for some night shopping. Getting on a trolly during beach time is a no no in my book.

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    Sep 2010
    FYI I saw the other day on Royal jewelers facebook page more pictures of the tracks and where they were headed!!

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