Anyone remember Divi Village in the late 90's??

October 1999 - my honeymoon and second time in Aruba. We were gifted a week from dear friends and paid $100 to upgrade our room and ended up in a 2BR Penthouse room.
Green arrow - No Seabreeze pavillion yet. Blue canvas shade tents -be there early to get one!
Pink arrow - No shade thingies (palapa?) other than blue tents, pink vinyl pool chairs
Yellow arrow - Divi Day sign! Divi day was all day and consisted in part of tug of war on the beach as well as sand sculpture/castle contest! There was also a scavenger hunt, BBQ lunch and a few other games. Winners got a free week.
Purple arrow - No idea what this hut thingy was used for.

1999 Divi Village-old-divi-jpg