If someone can explain this any more clearly.........PLEASE DO.

I have no problem posting your photos when you are in Aruba and your internet connection is slow or poor.
It is my pleasure.

When you have more photos to add once that you are home...........please use the tools that this forum provides.
post a link to your photos on you tube or wherever they are located.

To load up to 5 photos at a time

How to post your photos (again)-screen-shot-2019-03-04-1-55-05-pm-jpg 1st click on the landscape icon (as circled)
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How to post your photos (again)-screen-shot-2019-03-04-1-57-46-pm-pngthen click on Choose File and go to your photos on your device
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How to post your photos (again)-screen-shot-2019-03-04-2-00-04-pm-jpglet's say that this is the photo you want to post.
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How to post your photos (again)-screen-shot-2019-03-04-2-01-49-pm-png click the photo and hit UPLOAD. then it will show up on your posting!
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