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Thread: Covid Positive.....Your experiences

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    Not us, but another owner here. Last year-late December or early January, a couple came to Aruba and were negative when they tested at home. After a few days here they both did not feel well and got tested and were positive. Aruba wanted to move them to one of their locations, but since they owned their condo, they could stay in it. They were allowed on the balcony. They were called daily I think and after 10 days they could leave their condo. No one came to check on them. They stayed a few more days and flew home. When they tested positive, their family at home tested and everyone was negative. They thought they got it at the airport, a restaurant or bar.

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    Thank you for sharing!

    Quote Originally Posted by 55greenchevy View Post
    An interesting experience happened with me when we were in Aruba Feb of 2021. Back then, it was very quiet on the island with all the travel restrictions that were in place. Basically, our vacation was simple and redundant.....beach time during the day (beaches were quiet), afternoon happy hour poolside back at our private villa and then dinner at a restaurant or we cooked up something at the villa. And back then, restaurants had more stricter policies and protocols with regards to table locations and # of dinners. It was a great time and all was good.

    We were scheduled to fly back home to the US on Saturday and took our COVID PCR tests on the prior Thurs morning. Got our results emailed back early Friday better half was negative, I was positive. We were both shocked to see, as I felt just fine and we both were so careful about what we did and where we went during our trip. Just to confirm things, before making any needed trip changes associated with a quarantine in Aruba (flights, car rental, work schedule, etc), I immediately went back to a site for another test late Friday morning. The results came back Sat morning as being negative. This was a huge sigh of relief.

    Upon coming back home, we both took another test just to be certain. We were both negative. So, in my particular case, it was a good thing I went back for another immediate test (the extra test cost was well worth it in this case) as I somehow produced a "false positive" from my Thursday test. It also made me begin to wonder the accuracies all these tests that are conducted and processed (whether you are at home or somewhere else). Out of the tens or hundreds of thousands of legitimate PCR tests being processed daily, how many errors are being made?

    Unless you are feeling ill or have symptoms, I suggest getting another immediate PCR test completed if you test positive and are asymptomatic. Best to validate and vett things before being labeled as positive or contagious......not to mention avoiding the implementation of a quarantine schedule.
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