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Thread: December 29, 2021

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    Historically with plagues, viruses, flus the only way to reach herd immunity is when everyone has been infected or in today's world if everyone got vaccinated. Hopefully if any other variants develop after Omicron, it will be a mild form of the virus and many people will be immune to it. Lets hope for the best in 2022!
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    Just curious. Will Aruba follow the new CDC quarantine rules of 5 days?
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    I did ask the DVG health contact that I have, but she did not know.

    Quote Originally Posted by joehick View Post
    Just curious. Will Aruba follow the new CDC quarantine rules of 5 days?

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    Me being the selfish person I am, I hope this all blows over before my Feb. trip. Stay safe all.
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    Well I have been worried about testing for our Jan 28 trip , Wife just text me she is positive with a runny nose fully vaccinated . Does she need to test negative to be allowed in or did I read something about prior positive rule ?
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    So sorry. I believe you need a doctors note giving her a clean bill of health and a copy of the previous positive testing.
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