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Thread: Increasing covid cases

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    Increasing covid cases

    Hi all,

    We are hoping to come to Aruba in the next couple of weeks.

    Does anyone know why and/or where the covid cases are increasing? Is it in children or young adults? I thought, that with 73k people vaccinated (with one shot), that must be somewhere around 82% of the adult population (assuming the population is around 110k for all ages and assuming 20% will not be vaccinated as they are children).

    Is there a sense that the increasing trend might continue and might the Govt install some protocols again?

    sorry for all the questions. just that we didn’t get to Aruba last August and are very much hoping that our vacation will still go ahead this year!!

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    I would think that, like the rest of the world, the significant majority of cases are in the unvaccinated population. I'm going to bet the government imposes protocols again to try and avoid a fourth wave.

    Aruba has a full-vaccinated percentage of approximately 61% - this is against a "legitimate" population of 105,000 people. If you factor in illegal immigrants (with some estimating as high as 20,0000-30,000 people), that percentage will inevitably drop.

    I'm getting the data from here:

    Obviously, there's a +/- margin of error and Aruban reporting has been a little dodgy at times so take it with a salt lick. Here's a screen grab...

    Increasing covid cases-vaxrate-jpg
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    There are alot of people that have the shot here in Aruba, but look in the States. You still have alot of people that wont take the shot. Thats true almost everywhere. And I am pretty certain its the younger crowd. And they wont stay home and they won't mask up and keep a distance.
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    reasons for the high covid positives is as the others have said:
    folks not getting the vaccine
    poor hand washing, social distancing masking up protocols by individuals.

    our state, Florida, had 21,600 positives yesterday.
    6% of those vaccinated
    94% unvaccinated

    just like in the USA and other places around the world...........Delta variant is raising its ugly head.

    agree with what act said ............ about aruba reintroducing restrictions is probably just a "given"
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