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Thread: Insurance Reimbursement For Covid Test

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    Insurance Reimbursement For Covid Test

    On my last trip I paid $119 for a Vault Test in order to comply with Aruba Travel Guidelines. Returning home to USA I paid $125 for a PCR test to comply with US testing requiring. Meanwhile no one in USA asked me for those test results just had me sign a form confirming under perjury that I did take the test and results were negative so the honor system.

    Anyway, expensive to travel to Aruba with the multiple test and not to mention the $35 insurance which was once $15 a day. However, I submitted the vault test to my Insurance and they reimbursed me the $119. It took a while but Vault's receipt has all the info I needed for the claim the lab license number, test order number etc. I couldn't submit Aruba's test as there was very little test information about the lab, license but I doubt they would have reimburse. At first it looks like they denied the vault as it says out of network on my insurance web portal but then a few days later someone else approved it and sent me a check. Took about 6 weeks but I got my money.
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    Nice, thanks for posting your experience Edgar.

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