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Thread: January 14, 2022

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    Aruba since 1979
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    January 14, 2022

    365 Residents +

    46 Non Residents +

    58% of the residents tested were positive

    From FRESH Aruba Radio via DVG
    Today's numbers . 411 new infections have been detected, 365 of them among residents (local infection rate 58%). 525 people have been declared recovered . The total number of active cases is now 2.711. On average, there are 562 new cases per day with an average daily local infection rate of 62%. At the moment, there are 32 Covid patients in hospital (ten less than yesterday), six of them in ICU (two more than yesterday) . In addition, there are still three patients in the ICU in Colombia .

    January 14, 2022-screen-shot-2022-01-14-5-52-47-pm-jpg

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    Glad to see the numbers going down.
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    Lower is good! But keep in perspective; in late Nov to early Dec we were watching single digits and were all fussing when numbers went into the teens. Again, hopefully the cases will drop as quickly as they rose. Prayers for our Aruba friends who rely on tourism as their livelihood and have been devastated over the past 2 years.
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    Number of active non-resident cases (~350) now down to where it was around Christmas time (and 1/2 the peak reached only one week ago). Clearly moving in the right direction and to a level where the government should not be running out of isolation locations.

    Having said that, agree with Dennis J - these numbers are still way too high for us to feel comfortable going there at this time.
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    Yes, the numbers are high,but they are high everywhere and are starting to really come down. Hopefully be much better by this time next week and be close to nothing soon. 8 days ago NJ had almost 33,500 PCR confirmed cases, today it is almost 14,700 PCR confirmed cases(yesterday was over 20,000), so as the CDC predicted, although are high, they are also coming down fast. I just hope they continue. I hope the numbers are only in the double digits or less in Aruba by the time we arrive, hopefully, on Jan. 21.

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