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Thread: January 27, 2022

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    January 27, 2022

    131 Residents +

    5 Non Residents +

    49% of those Residents tested were positive

    From the DVG
    Summary of the COVID-19 household in Aruba.

    ORANJESTAD - 27 January 2022. According to the summary of awe 102 people recovered and a total of 136 nobo cases of COVID-19 a Keda registered which is 5 ta non-resident. E cifranan aki ta represents a 'Positivity rate' bou di nos resident of 49%. E amount of COVID-19 active cases pa awe ta 410 and amount di fayecidonan relate cu COVID-19 ta 193. Data to illustrate the nobo COVID case with a weekly averahe of 126 cases per day and a weekly 'Positivity rate' of 52% per day.

    Currently na Aruba tin 42 internal person cu of debi na COVID di which den ICU tin 4 person and reba general floor tin 38. Na Colombia tin currently 7 person den ICU and no (0) rib general floor.

    January 27, 2022-screen-shot-2022-01-27-4-25-41-pm-jpg

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    Hopefully just a jump from the Holiday and drops back down.
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    Number of non-resident cases dropping nicely to levels not seen since early Dec. Also, number of active non-resident cases down to 41. Certainly much more manageable by the powers that be in Aruba.
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