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Thread: NEWS effective August 1

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    Senior Member LisaGrn's Avatar
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    Yes, I started masking up again last week in stores, etc. It annoys me to no end...

    Quote Originally Posted by Tuckahoe View Post
    I completely agree. Despite being fully vaccinated my husband and I are masking up again. We simply don’t know who has been vaccinated and who hasn’t so we figure it’s best to be cautious right now. We’re 10 weeks away from our third trip to Aruba this year. If protocols are back in place to prevent the spread so be it. We all need to work together.
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    Senior Member brady bear's Avatar
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    You have every right to be afraid to get Covid even with being vaccinated.
    Just found out several of my home patients were vaccinated and now have Covid; they let their guards down even after me educated them to
    wear your mask, wash your hands and etc.
    I myself been vaccinated since 1/1/2021 and still get tested weekly, wear my mask faithfully too.
    With our numbers going up (and personally seen many many people in the hospital on life support)
    means I will be doing more home visits with positive covid.. been fit test for N95 mask and I ordered myself
    That being said... please if you are able to get vaccinated do it. It's free too.
    I do not want to think "we told you so!"

    Quote Originally Posted by cpjones View Post
    Provincetown, on a summer day, is jam packed with wall to wall people outdoors too....! I'm fully vaccinated and I am afraid of Covid.... and that's because there are so many anti-vaxxers not being considerate of others. Mild or not..... I don't want Covid!
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    I will continue reassuring people not to panic about covid. 99.923% of the vaccinated have not been infected. .004% have been hospitalized and .001% have died. Be smart about your health, wear a mask if you want, but the fully vaccinated should not be afraid.

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