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Thread: Question about ICU patients going to Colombia

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    Senior Member almaringola's Avatar
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    Question about ICU patients going to Colombia

    Does anyone know who is being sent there? Is it Americans or locals or some other south American visitors ? I seen this asked somewhere but don't remember seeing a answer .
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    I think that info is somewhat confidential due to patients rights.

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    I am not an authority but I do spend most of the year on the island and have many local friends. Aruba has a medical agreement (long before covid) with Columbia. Aruban citizens belong to the Aruba socialized medicine system AZV. Aruban patients needing specialized cancer treatment, or specialized heart treatment (those two I know for sure) are sent to Columbia for treatment at AZV expense. The time there also covers one traveling companion for the patient. Therefore, I 'presume' the ICU patients who have been sent to Columbia would be Aruban residents and not tourists. Also the number count itself leads me to believe that the ICU patients in Columbia are Aruban residents. Like Walt said, likely confidentiality prohibits more info. I am just sharing what I know for sure and why I 'presume' . I can understand the concern of tourists and perhaps Andrea can get a general answer to the question...are any of the ICU patients sent to Columbia tourists?
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    The answer I got a month ago said only residents to ColombiA
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    I was able to contact the Aruba health department today and the person who answered the phone told me that it is ONLY Aruba citizens/residents that have been sent to Columbia. No tourists have been sent. The way she stated it sounded like they did not have the authority to send tourists to Columbia.

    Again, this was the person who answered the phone, so take it for what you think it is worth.

    Based upon that discussion and what was posted above by Andrea and annf, I am comfortable that no tourists requiring hospitalization for Covid have been or will be transported to Columbia. This is somewhat comforting for us since my wife and I are planning to be there for 9 days beginning next week.
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