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Thread: September 01

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    September 01

    September 01. 98 new local cases

    September 01-screen-shot-2020-09-01-4-27-17-pm-jpg and September 01-screen-shot-2020-09-01-4-27-50-pm-jpg
    November 26 - December 10 Photos
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    This is not going in the direction I hoped it would by now.
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    Oh wow..
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    This is one of the worst days yet. 98 positive out of 257 tested! That's 38%!
    Last edited by Mohair; 09-01-2020 at 07:23 PM.
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    If your number is correct and I have no reason to doubt you, that 78% says a lot to me....and none of it is good. With 25 in the covid ward and 9 in the ICU this is not going well at all IMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mohair View Post
    This may be the worst day yet. 98 positive out of 136 tested. That's 72%!!

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    Wow. The problem is even though these are all local infections, if those locals or family members come in contact with tourists, those tourists may find themselves with the virus when they get home. Locals work at hotels at all capacities including housekeeping, beach attendants, restaurants, cabs, rental car places, airport, everywhere! No matter how careful you are there is a risk unless you are willing to isolate while in Aruba and no one wants to do that.
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