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Thread: September 09

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    CT is with NY and NJ. The three states banded together when this whole mess started.

    Quote Originally Posted by cmynes View Post
    Totally agree Aruba Ace. NY & NJ did it right. Although I now live in NJ I am a native New Yorker & worked there my whole was definitely the epicenter and now in great shape!
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    The Trifecta!

    Quote Originally Posted by purpleangel View Post
    CT is with NY and NJ. The three states banded together when this whole mess started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ArubaAce View Post
    The lock downs work but you have to reopen slowly. NYC is the a perfect example and we had the highest rate of positive cases at one point. We shut down in March and slowly started to reopen. Just this week we opened indoor dinning after being closed for 6 months but only at 25% capacity and no one can sit at the bar, tables apart at restaurants etc. Everything is carefully planned for reopening. Movie houses, bowling alleys reopened with small percentage, museums. If you open everything at once like nothing ever happened then there is a possibility of a spike again. I hope we keep our numbers down which have been under 1% for weeks now, hospital is low, ICU is low etc.
    NY did it right ,now that indoor dinning is ok at reduced capacity and schools are somewhat open lets hope the numbers stay low or its back to the way it was. I dont think we will be locked down again but things could start closing down, which nobody wants.
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    Please repost how your town, county or state is doing in the Off Topic category that already exists about covid in your hometown.
    November 26 - December 10 Photos
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