We have 2 pure black and 1 pure white kittens who will be ready
to adopt at the end of the month. Black kittens are next to impossible to get homes for in Aruba - they still have the "old" ways of thinking about them here. It's very sad. Now the white one will be wanted but these are bottle babies who have had no mom to train them about the "streets" so they are better suited as indoor cats. Getting a home for these guys are next to impossible because most people put the cats outside to catch mice and rats - and there is so much danger to them because of the roving dogs and other cats that are roaming the area. Not to mention the cars!!!

So if anyone knows anyone who is looking for a kitten - let us know. They are now starting to play and have such great personalities!

I know that some people ask "why should I adopt a cat from Aruba?" The answer is that these guys have very little chance to get a good home and be safe. Also it is said that bottle fed kittens are known to have really great personalities because they bonded with humans during their development.