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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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    Angelo Limon's Weekly Newsletter

    All You Need To Know About New Developments Happening in Aruba Right Now

    Future Tourism Developments

    Tourism minister updates the public with projects and developments that will take place in the near future.

    Due to the current state of the economy, the majority of the local community is against developments of new hotels on the island. However, tourism minister is focused on producing income for the government, and thinks it’s important to introduce tourism developments that will increase the quality of hospitality in Aruba.

    The government will announce the upcoming tourism projects that will start soon.

    One of the projects that will be introduced in the near future is near Bushiri beach, which was recently made clear of the old building that use to function as a hotel and culinary art school decades ago. According to the tourism minister, investors who want to develop this piece of land, must consider projects that will benefit the community and travelers, this counts from bushiri beach until tamarijn druif beach.

    Another project that is within the vision of the tourism minister is, isla di oro.

    This project entails a 60 over water bungalow style resort in the middle of the mangroves near Pos Chiquito and Savaneta.

    There’s also 2 different petitions by investors to build all inclusive hotels in San Nicolas. But there’s also investors who want to invest into boutique hotel in this area, with about 900 rooms. This type of project will compliment the fast ferry project announced by the government.

    (Photos and more info at link)
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