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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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    Aruba since 1979
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    Aruba arrivals and sea!

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    Since 1980, and throughout the many changes, we still love going downtown in Oranjestad.
    Hi everyone,

    So, others are discovering what many of us have know for over 35 years. Simply put, Aruba is my favourite Caribbean destination; it has been since the summer of 1980.

    When I first went to Aruba, my travel agent had no idea where I was asking him to send me. It was first mentioned to me by a British businessman when I was in Bermuda. He arranged his itinerary to the Caribbean so that Aruba was the last place he visited. That was in 1978. I was an articling accountant student then and could barely afford taxi fare to airport, let alone a Caribbean vacation. But, what that guy said and the sing-songy name (Long before there was a song with Aruba in the lyrics; yes I know; Kokomo), Aruba, kind of stuck with me.

    In 1980 I started my Aruba travel plans in earnest. Research was a letter-writing process. No Internet then.

    Fast forward to my trip in July 1980; Winnipeg-Chicago-Miami-Aruba. Anybody remember Northwest and Eastern Airlines? My week at Manchebo Beach was magical.

    In 1980 Aruba had wonderful people, great weather, beautiful beaches, great restaurants, bars, casinos and clubs. It was clean, stable and safe. You could drink the water and walk the streets. The biggest building in Aruba then was the hospital. Four low-rise and four high-rise hotels; that was it!

    37 years later, there is more traffic and people, and more of everything, but all the things which make Aruba so wonderful for me are still there in abundance.

    A couple of anecdotes to add to the raw figures in the article. On our last trip, our inbound Air Canada flight had to circle Reina Beatrix; we were fifth in line to land. On the outbound part of that same trip, our Air Canada flight was delayed about half an hour because the potable water truck was servicing other flights ahead of us.

    All of this brings me back to my main point, others are discovering what many of us have known for decades. Aruba is #1 for me, period.


    Winnipeg, Canada

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