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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: auto fatalities in the last week

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    Aruba Traffic Signs

    We have been visiting Aruba several times a year for almost 33 years. We have always rented a car, but my husband has done all of the driving. On occasion, I have my name added to the rental car contract just in case I go off on my own. There have been times where I have flown to Aruba by myself and rented a car on my own. I know the island like the back of my hand, but honestly, I find the traffic signs very confusing. When we were in Aruba two weeks ago, we saw two different accidents in the same place near Divi and Casa del Mar. The accidents were not serious, but there was damage to both cars. The arrow sign in the accident location is verey confusing. After all of these years, I now know where to make the left hand turn. I wish that the traffic signs could be easier to understand then they are now. Certainly, most tourists will be confused by the Aruba traffic signs that are currently in place. Many people do not respect the right of way at the many traffic circles that were put in place some years ago. When the first trafic circle was placed near Chalet Suisse and Adventure Golf there were a ton of accidents the first day.(by the way, Adventure Golf is gone)My personal opinion is that the Aruba Traffic Department should review the signs and make them easier to understand by tourists. I would think the locals took driving lessons and passed driving tests in order to get their drivers license.
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    While we were in Aruba a few weeks ago my Dh and girlfriends Dh went up to high rise area to get pizza and saw an awful crash involving 2 car was a little sportster and the other a small family type car....I am always amazed at the way the locals drive....never have patience for the tourists and are always in a hurry....
    I tease a local friend of ours all the time about how crazy Aruban drivers are....he just laughs and agrees.....
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