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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Beer Beer Beer Beer

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    I drink either Coors lite or Corona at home and when I am in Aruba I prefer Balashi chill- in bottles only- with a lime. The waitress at Bugaloe turned me on to these! Now Chill in cans or on tap is gross-I don’t know what the difference is but I have tried both and I just can’t do it! Before Chill I would drink an occasional Polar. I have never had an Amstel Bright.
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    The Amstel Brights are very refreshing in the hot weather. I'm kind of glad that I can't get them at home - something to look forward to in Aruba. Learned about this brand years ago from Aruba Amy's posts.
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    I prefer the Dutch beers. And the Belgian.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Traceyd14 View Post
    Busy day today, I'm late checking in

    We like American Beer, specifically Bud Light. In Aruba, you can find most American beers at the bars and stores. We did hit a Bud Light shortage once, and had to switch to Coors Light, but we survived. Bud Lights from the grocery store comes in 10 oz cans, so if you want a koozie to keep it cool, you have to buy the tall skilly ones that are made for michelob ultra cans. There are plenty to be found on amazon. The 10oz cans aren't bad because you can drink them before they get warm with no problem. The problem is the price, case of 24, 10oz cans is around $42 in the grocery store, but that beats the convenience store price per can by far.
    Coors like comes in 12 oz cans and is about the same price.

    I like amstel bright, a lot of people compare it to corona, but I don't like corona and do like Bright, so who knows. I also found that Chill is not bad as long as it is really cold and in a bottle, not draft.

    My advice to beer drinkers - spend the money to buy what you know you like to have for your trip, but try other brands at happy hour to see what you prefer. Don't start of buying a case of something you aren't sure about, it just costs too much.

    We are not craft beer drinkers, but have heard Local Store has good options. Madam Jeanettes also has an impressive beer cooler with many options.
    Tracey so glad you are a Bud Light girl. My best friend has been a Budweiser rep for many, many years.
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