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Thread: Divi beach & current weather

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    Divi beach & current weather

    I heard the DIVI Beach was destroyed by the latest storm... 20-30 feet of beach completely wiped out. Does anyone know if the beach area up at the Holiday Inn area was destroyed as well???
    Also, anyone know what the weather is supposed to be the next 10-12 days beginning on Monday October 3rd? We sent family out there for a week because they were recently "stuck" in Florida for IAN. Luckily, they were not in Ft Myers but in Orlando and did face alot of wind/rain and flooding but they were able to get a flight out of there today. We are sending my husbands sister and husband out to Aruba to relax since it was a horrible experience that they dealt with being in Florida on a forced (or you lose your job) trip by the employer!!
    What crazy corporate organization that would send employees into harm's way for a damn conference!!!! Anyways, PLEASE hoping weather will be good for them...
    Any info is appreciated!!!!
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    Divi Beach area (Druif Beach) was not destroyed.
    Yes some erosion and that section of beach as well as around the bend to Aruba Beach Club and Casa Del Mar had some erosion too.
    Mother Nature constantly changes things up often in that area.

    Holiday Inn and the Palm Beach area had quite a bit of seaweed (not sargassum) last week when the invest 98L brought much rain......seaweed washed up and the beaches have since been cleaned of the seaweed.

    Are you a travel agent?

    for the best weather forecast got to.
    look for the written forecast from the side menu
    THINK.. is it Thoughtful? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind? sidtm
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    I was on Druif beach across the street from Divi Village and Divi Golf for the last 3 weeks. It's not as big as it used to be, but there is still room for some palapas and chairs.
    ​Laura from NH/Divi Village

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