So sad to hear about the downtown area but y'all are right about the trolley disruption. Thank you ACT1966 for the coffee recommendation! We usually bring a bag of ground Starbucks Sumatra with us and supplement with Douwe Egbert's if needed for our timeshare/hotel. We will try a cuppa at your recommendation.
Funny to me but we're not big fans of Dunkin' coffee and it is the King of Coffee in our South FL town. We know there are several outlets on Aruba but would go to McDonald's first, LOL! We used to live a little south of Birmingham, AL and the opening of a Dunkin in my area had to have the PD's traffic control out! Not denigrating anyone's choice of coffee but I miss my Krispy Kreme doughnuts HOT NOW and a coffee. It's now a 10 mile drive for me to go to KK's! We do that when we're in the area but Dunkin's sourdough donuts are really good, too. I appreciate that we live in a wonderful world with so many choices and that we have so many options to explore! Something for every one, right?