There are numerous threads on this forum about drones and there are some threads with magnificent drone videos.

On one of the Facebook groups there was a posting about Drone rules of Aruba.
It is important for all to know about the rules

Here are the rules:

A few years ago we were staying at the Trop.
I was sick............I had a huge GI bug or food poisoning........but suffice it to say, I was sick as a dog and miserable for a few days.

At one point, Paul guided me out to the 3r floor balcony to get some air. I was sitting there, a mess, and in my not especially flattering night gown.
I was sitting there and low and behold at eye level right there at the balcony rail, a drone appeared..............hovered and stayed there for about 1 minute. I was horrified. I felt it was an invasion of privacy and felt like it was a form of peeping.
We never knew who the drone operator/peeper was. It was reported to the front desk and the police.

It is nice to know that there are now some rules and that these lawbreakers can be prosecuted.