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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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    Eagle Beach... HEAVEN!

    Eagle Beach Erosion Fixed?

    Hey All,

    When I was last in Aruba (end of May 2016) there was some serious beach damage / erosion that had occurred south of Casa Del Mar before I had arrived. It had made the water much rougher than normal as I was staying at Manchebo (my usual spot). Can anyone give an update on if this been repaired or fixed itself? How is surf when it comes to swimming?

    Any updates would be great!



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    that area of which you speak where eagle and druif meet has always been an issue.
    mother nature takes her vengeance out there on occasion.

    from what i have read on different sites, including this one..... the beach that abc and cdm occupy has come back a lot thanks to mother nature and has been repaired a lot more due to man (woman) power.
    manchebo a tiny bit more to the north, sustained way less damage from the storms of last fall 2016.

    swimming? as in real swimming or floating aimlessly about ?

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    I just stayed at ABC the beginning of May. There are huge boulders along the shore line keeping the beach intact. There was one big opening over towards Manchebo. The beach in front of Manchebo is wide and beautiful- no worries there. I did go in everyday!

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