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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: The elusive Djucu

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    Gd day, I join this forum only for to reply to you, about DJUCU. I think that they inform you wrong about the places that you can find these. I am 67 years and from school we were looking for these DJUCU. These were well known in our time. Really nowadays the people does not know about that. Saying that because last 5 weeks from Sept-2020 to now, My wife and I are going with the dogs to the north coast for dog's exercise, not Arashi Beach, and comb the small beaches there. Every time I went I got minimum 1 of them, so in 5 weeks I got 8 pcs and keep looking. My Daughter will start working on them for to make them as Jewels/Souvenirs. So next time you come, you have to go to the North Coast. On the internet these Djucu comes from Costa Rica rivers, they fall in the river going the sea and arrives here at our North Coast beaches. Hope to have informed you. After all I will be happy to give you one as present.
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    Welcome to the forum Rock! Thanks for the info on the djucu.

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    Thank you for your kind response and welcome to the forum! When we return next year for a visit I will need to visit the North Shore. I did, ultimately, “find” a djucu in the form of a key chain at the LaCabana gift shop. I attached it to my bag as a charm and often get comments about it. I hope your daughter does well with her djucu creations. Maybe when she is done, you will post a photo?

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    welcome to the community forum.

    what areas on the north shore are you folks looking?
    that is a pretty rough area for vehicle travel.
    do you get to that area in a car or some kind of 4 wheel drive vehicle?

    thanks for sharing.
    I too have 2 djucu's both from the lacababa gift shop
    1 given to me as a gift, the other I bough myself.
    November 26 - December 10 Photos
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