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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Expatriates

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    I have been living on the island for 10 years now. When we bought the house, I did not do enough research beforehand and found out that we could not live in the house year round without a residency permit. Although, my intention was to spend winters in Aruba and summers in Mass. The first permit took longer because you need more documentation, ie good conduct, tb test, hiv test, apostle birth and marriage certificates, proof of income. Permits need to be renewed yearly. However, the renewal process is quicker. I am on my 10th permit. Next year, I will receive a permanent residency permit.
    Medical would be available to you as a resident. As Andrea said, you might still want to purchase medical insurance. Luckily, I have not had to see a doctor on the island, so I don't know much about the medical care.
    I do travel back to the states for a few weeks in the summer months. This is when I do all my shopping. It is the one of the things that I miss. I also miss the seafood from NE. My first stop is usually for lobster. I think that if I had grandchildren, I might make more frequent trips back. Also, it is difficult to get work done on the island. My husband gets frustrated running from store to store trying to find a part to fix something. We need a Home Depot or Lowes.
    All in all I love living on the island, especially in the winter. For some, it might be too small, but I keep pretty busy.
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    Andrea....As a Canadian citizen who deals with health insurance coverage for My stays in Aruba, I would like to mention a couple of things. I am in Ontario, so I only address the Ontario regs. To Maintain Ontario Health Insurance coverage (OHIP) you must reside in the Province for 180 days. There are several ways this can be extended by making application to OHIP if you are studying, on a special project requiring more than 180 days etc. There are several other reasons that OHIP will grant extensions for.

    Please be aware that to get Private coverage for the time a person is in Aruba (or elsewhere), the Private Insurer almost always wants you to have the OHIP ( or equivalent provincial healthcare coverage) in place in addition to their coverage. They expect OHIP to pickup part of the tab.

    I want to draw attention to a current issue here with coverage. Both the Royal Bank Canada (RBC) and Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) are subjects of law suits over their health care offerings. The legal claims focus on disclosure of prior illness or conditions. Even if those conditions are absolutely unrelated to a claim that is made e.g a prior eye infection but a claim may be for a broken arm. Both RBC and CIBC have been rejecting claims when unrelated matters from years earlier are omitted as people may have forgotten the illness or condition. Presently the matter is proceeding before the courts here.

    From my personal experiences I would urge anyone purchasing coverage and expecting that their situation to be fully covered to be very very cautious. There are many loopholes in the policies.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    i am not sure that "citizenship" is what it is called. i think it might be residency or permanent residency.
    it takes a long time to establish residency...the folks i know that are friends that are there tell me the process was a year or longer.

    you might be able to find more information re: residency by contacting DIMAS and also reading the category of "moving to aruba" to read of how others have obtained residency.

    if you never did establish residency and were there only as time allowed (180 days per year), i have heard that there are medical insurance policies that can be bought to reimburse you for out of pocket expenses.

    i live in a deed restricted community here in Fla. we have many owners here in our community that are canadian. by law, they can only stay a max of 180 days. they all purchase an additional health insurance policy for their time here. we have a few canadian friends who visit aruba for extended stays and i think that they too purchase separate out of country insurance policies.

    you may want to private message forum member, bill stellar (canadian) or forum member sugar (an american) or forum member tom and stanley (an american) they may be able to advise appropriately and tell you of their residency experiences.

    it is important for all traveling to aruba (or anywhere outside of their home country) to purchase trip insurance including medical.
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