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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: How YOUR Aruba Vacations Have Evolved Over The Years

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    Senior Member AUA1989's Avatar
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    Palm Beach, Eagle Beach, any beach
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    I'm not sure we've changed anything....

    Starting with our honeymoon 30 years ago:

    -A morning walk on the beach, drink lots of water
    -Breakfast (maybe an adult beverage; if I have a pina colada, that's considered my morning juice, right?)
    -Park butts on beach pretty much dawn to dusk
    -Adult beverages on beach
    -Lunch on beach with adult beverages
    -Float in the sea with adult beverages
    -Sunset on beach with adult beverages
    -Dinner and adult beverages
    -Casino and, you guessed it, adult beverages
    -Sleep (no adult beverages)

    -Rent a car for 1/2 the visit for a few drives around the island to visit other beaches
    -Use taxis the rest of the visit to relax instead of hubby worrying about where to park the car, something happening to the car and getting frustrated by driving the car

    -A shopping excursion or two

    I guess the only thing we've changed is that we no longer do a catamaran, snorkel or sunset cruises. I LOVE, LOVE those things, but they don't love me. During my last few excursions on water I was fine while on the boat/ship/pontoon, however, it took me MONTHS to get my land legs back. I rock for months and have to take Dramamine everyday after being on the water for even just an hour. I've researched and there is a term for it. Some people never lose that rocking feeling and I don't want to live forever in a dizzy stupor.

    and maybe a 55th b-day in Aruba, Feb, 2020

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    Senior Member cpjones's Avatar
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    Eagle Beach, Glitz Casino, Manchebo Beach Resort
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    Quote Originally Posted by AUA1989 View Post
    I guess the only thing we've changed is that we no longer do a catamaran
    Just like you folks.... we're just lazy long days on the beach...… I forgot, we used to rent a catamaran a couple of times each trip..... but not readily available on Manchebo beach..... and I just don't have the confidence in handling one that I used to...….
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    Super Moderator WaltVB's Avatar
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    Quote Originally Posted by crimms View Post
    Can someone please send us some info on an anchor rig? Picture and where to get it. We love to float in Aruba!
    Sean and Susan
    We spent nothing on our rig. We take one of those nylon type back pack bags that you get at trade shows and a piece of rope. Really any bag will work as long as it has a drawstring closure. About 10 feet of rope is plenty. We have the floats by Intex: and we tie the bag to one end of the rope and the floats together at the other end. Fill the bag with sand and you're done. We dump the sand out at the end of the day and rinse it out a bit and it's ready to go the next day or in the suitcase for the next trip. Happy floating!
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    Senior Member Sue M.'s Avatar
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    Jun 2014
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    Quote Originally Posted by crimms View Post
    Can someone please send us some info on an anchor rig? Picture and where to get it. We love to float in Aruba!
    Sean and Susan
    This is the anchor we have and it works beautiful.
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    Walt that’s a great idea! I have lots of those bags!
    ...thanks for the tip.

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    Jul 2008
    Since 1980, and throughout the many changes, we still love going downtown in Oranjestad.
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    Good morning everybody.

    Our Aruba trips, to be truthful, haven't changed very much over the years, in terms of daily routine.

    Many of the changes we have made often have a lot to do with where we were staying a the time. During the years we stayed Amsterdam Manor, we were at the beach every morning. Then when we stayed at The Mill for several years, we spent our mornings by the pool. Now that we stay at Sunset Beach Studios, I spend the morning at the pool while Donna loves sitting on the porch looking out over the water.

    Our shopping portion of the day almost always starts around 10:30; we head to Oranjestad. She shops; I sit on the concrete bench outside Little Switzerland. Then it's lunch time.

    After lunch it is back to where we are staying, nap time (essential in the tropics), afternoon pool time, dinner, home and lights out by nine!

    One thing that has changed markedly is the types of clothes we take. When I first went to Aruba in 1980, Talk of the Town was thee special occasion restaurant for everyone on the island and for men, a tie and jacket and for women, dresses were required. I used to pack a light weight linen suit, a variety of dress linen shirts and two ties. Haven't needed to dress like that in Aruba for several years.

    Much of how we spend our days depends on the type of people we are. Donna and I are morning people! Even in retirement, I am up by 6. I love watching Aruba wake up. How about you? Early birds or night owls?

    Have a great weekend.

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    Senior Member Aruba4ever's Avatar
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    I spent a number of years being a late owl and an early bird....gambling late but getting up with the family for the days activities. Lately I have been not staying out so late.

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