I promised a lovely couple (that bought the book, Aruba I am your Island) to do an island tour with them for two days. Today was day one and while the experience gave me joy, the encounters saddened me. Alto Vista was packed with people (nothing wrong with that) however was a man there making wooden beads with crosses on them. Not a religious moment, that is for sure. As we did look for something a bit more solemn, we headed up to the lighthouse and when I arrived on the table top, I was aghast. Piles of coconuts everywhere and close by were carts selling everything from drinks to cold sandwiches - not to be overshadowed by the guys hacking away at the coconuts and leaving a real mess behind. Occasionally I could hear a fake village slang say, "Welcome to dis ailand in de son maaam. Dere jus aint a tin in dis planet a sweet as a coconot from Aruuuuuba."eI suppose that there isn't anything I can do about this debauchery except to call it that and to let you know that if you do visit these people and if you do have your picture taken and if you do taste a coconut - you are contributing to much more than small business. You are assisting in cluttering our monuments and sacred locations and you are making it possible for such a lovely place to not be.

Think it over.

Be well