Jacki and I throughout the day go to a page on this site to read of things in the "moderation" folder.
Here is what the page looks like:

Moderating and Moderations-screen-shot-2018-03-06-3-37-43-pm-jpg

We are NOT sent a message or notified that there are things awaiting our attention in those folders.
It is up to us, to check it periodically when we are on the forum.
No, I usually do not check in on the forum from midnight til 8 or 9 am.
I like to sleep and then get in my early swim before I turn on the machine!

If you post a new thread in Timeshare for Rent or Sale it goes to moderation.
If you make a reply to an exisiting thread in Timeshares it posts, bypassing moderation.

If you make a thread or reply in the Wedding category........all posts go to moderation.

Again, if Jacki or I are here, we check in on the moderation/posts in waiting to be approved page.

All of this is to eliminate SPAMMERS.
A few years ago we were spammed with a wedding planner who turned out to be .........well let's say less than reputable.

Re: Timeshares
We want as much transparency as possible.........name of resort, sleeping capacity, size of beds, dates, not just week number and taxes/fees.

We do not do this to make life difficult.
We certainly do not do this to anger you fine folks.

We do this to keep the creeps/trolls/spammers out and to keep our information flowing nicely.