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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Need advice/help

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    Need advice/help

    Hi all.

    I went to Aruba for my first time March 2020 and fell in love with the island. My girlfriend at the time and I had the idea to buy a property somewhere in the south with the plan being to have part of our property as rental units. A combination business/retirement. I was thinking more Central America until the trip. We did Curacao first but Aruba was it for me.

    I have read that if I buy property in Aruba I can stay for 6 months then have to return to Canada for 6 months. If I'm buying property and starting a business in Aruba I don't want it to be a 6 month operation. Is there an exception to the 6 month rule if I start a business?

    Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

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    Hi Ranko,

    you can’t just start a business on Aruba. If you need information, just go to the Kamer van Koophandel for more information. This is their website:
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    welcome to the community forum ranko.

    follow dutchdushi's advice and make contact with Aruban Chamber.
    also too, make a posting in the Moving to Aruba or Property Owners re: Property ownership.
    folks may reply and give you their experiences and opinions.

    Quote Originally Posted by dutchdushi View Post
    Hi Ranko,

    you can’t just start a business on Aruba. If you need information, just go to the Kamer van Koophandel for more information. This is their website:

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    I know that if you plan on staying here more than 6 months you must become a resident. You need to show that you have $60,000 in savings to do so. We are not residents, but several people at our complex have done so and are now living here.

    I also know that you cannot start a business unless you have a partnership with an Aruban citizen. That is different than residency. I don't know much about the process and following the advice above is best.

    We own a condo here in Aruba and love it. We purchased it 4 years ago. We are here during the busy season so our rental income isn't as high as others, however; it was not our initial intention to rent it out-it had been a rental and there were rentals on the books when we purchased. Do not purchase something you cannot afford without the rental income. Last year we had zero and this year we currently have one booking. There are owners here that the association has taken legal action against because they have not paid their monthly condo invoice which for us includes the condo fees and all utilities. Unlike the U.S. there are less steps in the foreclosure process.

    Just remember everything you need comes in on a container.

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