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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: not gaining weight during an Aruba trip

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    Congrats on the weight loss !!! We drink Titos and club with oranges and limes ... We follow a high protein low carb way of eating at home and we just substitute the starch for extra veggies . It worked in Aruba for the most part but we do treat ourselves to dessert a couple times during the trip. We also walk that walking path along Eagle beach every morning from Costa Linda up and back.
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    My trip was okay but really, really missed Aruba. Maybe I will write up something later.
    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post

    how was your time in NY during school break?
    maybe a recap in off topic?
    Trip 32 begins on June 5.

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    I am a long time WW and usually don’t gain weight while in Aruba because the snacks that are around my house do not come with me to Aruba. I usually start my day with a long walk on the beach and we walk way more in Aruba because we don’t rent a car. I have also found that a French fry here and there is okay. I also agree that the heat in Aruba limits my food intake-make sure you chug a lug lots of water! If I didn’t drink those mixed drinks I would probably lose weight! Congratulations to you and Paul on your weight loss! WW is a lifelong journey,a change of lifestyle and the longer you stay on it the easier it is. Unfortunately this pandemic has thrown me all outta sink and I have let 10 pounds creep back- hoping I can change my mindset and start taking better care of myself!
    Jayna-Beach Bum at ❤️
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