Hey Everyone!

I just got back from Aruba minus my favorite ring. I know most of you are going to think I am a moron but I have worn my rings forever. I only take them off when I sleep. I have worn them in the water many times but this one time a friend of mine was screwing around in the water and accidently pulled my ring off my finger. It fell in the water, we both dove in after it quickly but could NOT find it. We searched for days with goggles but no luck. Water the last few days I was there was murky so it made it impossible.

I am just hoping that maybe by posting on here someone finds it. I know that many times in the past on here people have found rings in the water and got them back via here.

So here are the details.

Silver ring. About a half of an inch wide that has a geometric/greek key design in it. Some of the ring has black on it. Its a design that uses the silver and black. It was lost right in front of Manchebo on Eagle beach. If anyone finds it I will without a doubt, give a reward. It is not an expensive ring at all, (about 30 bucks) but I have had it for years and miss it a lot. I consider it my good luck ring and would LOVE it back.

So if anyone finds it and wants to return it back to me, Id owe you forever. My friend feels so horrible.

Thank you all,