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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Pool/Beach shade, table, lounges Etiquette

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    "theirs" "mine"

    when Paul and I moved into this community here in FLA we were very happy. (still are)
    we took a break on that first day from unpacking and went over to the pool (we live 9 houses away from the pool)

    we each had our pool id bracelets. we got there dropped our towels onto 2 unoccupied lounges, showered and went into the pool.
    as we were in the pool, numerous folks came up and introduced themselves to us.
    3 folks told us "you have your towels on Flo and Mary's lounges"
    Almost an hour passed and in comes Flo and Mary, both elderly........(we are in a 55+ golf community aka God's waiting room)
    Flo took our towels and proceeded to throw them onto the pool deck.
    Paul the gentleman that he is, went over and nicely spoke to these gals and picked up our towels and put them on 2 different lounges.
    Paul, a much better person than I, was kind and polite.
    Over the years, we have watched unknowing folks drop their belongings onto Flo and Mary's chairs and we warn the offenders.
    Most of the time it gets a little ugly.
    Every time we see the towels drop onto those lounges, Paul and I look at each other and say "show time"
    ​In a world where you can be anything, be kind!
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    Sean and Susan
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    I'd have to move their loungers somewhere else.

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