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Thread: A Quick Passport Renewal PSA

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    A Quick Passport Renewal PSA

    My passport was set to expire in March of 2020, so when we got back from Aruba at the end of August, I decided that I'd send it in now, just so it would be done. My next international trip is Aruba in 2020, but you never know when opportunity might knock. I was quoted a 6-8 week turn around time.

    I mailed the passport from Massachusetts on Thursday, September 19th, and it had to go to Philadelphia.

    Passport and renewal application were received 9/24

    MY new passport was delivered to my house TODAY, 10/7! Less than 2 weeks. So, if you have a passport that will be expiring soon, and you're procrastinating sending it in, DO IT NOW.

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    Good to know. They are quoting 4-6 weeks with regular (non-expedited) service. Just remember to update your Global Entry for your new passport number and expiration date if you have GE.

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    And also, regarding Global Entry...

    Ours took a little time. We applied in July. It's all done online and the application took about 15 minutes from creating a login to finishing the app. Each person needed their own login and completed application.

    We received a conditional approval within a couple of weeks, but then had to make an "in person" interview appointment at one of their offices. There are limited choices of locations for the interviews. The locations nearest to us were over an hour away. I checked appointment availability and there were only midweek, midday appointments available. That would mean a taking a vacation day to do the interview; no way am I wasting a vacation day for that! I found an interview office in Detroit, which is 3 hours from us, but we could go on a Saturday (which was ok because we made a weekend out of it and went to Caesars in Windsor). Our appointment was 8/31 at 12:30. We arrived about 20 minutes early and were out the door even before our scheduled appointment time. We were approved on site, but they mail the card. We received the card within 2 weeks or so.

    So, start to finish it took approx 8 weeks. It will all depend upon the date and time you can get for the interview.

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