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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: The "Right Thing" to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    everyone's opinion is valued
    I think those that refuse to refund will possibly be remembered of how unhelpful they were in a time of crisis. so future custom must be top of the list for people who rent there properties ...I would of thought top of the list of values! We are all in this together!
    Let's hope it all disappears quickly.
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    We only had two rentals for our condo and both are friends. One requested to come another time and the other isn't until November. We would not want to take advantage of friends or renters. We are figuring on basically no rental income this year, however; we did not buy this condo and rent with the intent that we needed the money to keep it going. Rent is a bonus for us. However, there are people who rent because they need the income and depend on it to pay their monthly expenses here. Some of the Venezuelan owners depend on that income not only to sustain their units here, but as needed income in at home. This may sound wrong, but it is better it is happening as spring approaches and they are going into the low season. At least they were able to take advantage of the high season. Personally, I think a total refund is fair minus any fees, such as Pay Pal fees or the option to apply the money spent toward another time if applicable as long as the rate is the same.

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