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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Rock stacks

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    Rock stacks

    We took the jeep out past the lighthouse today down along the coast. All of my friends and i were wondering what all the little and big stacks of rocks along the dirt trails were some of them had crosses on them some of them had big pieces of wood and some of them were just piles of rocks there were thousands of them it was a strange eerie sight any info?

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    the stories as i have been told

    story A......visitors are encouraged to stack rocks and make wishes (supposedly started by the Native aruban Arawacks)

    story B..... all a bunch of nonsense, and many aruban residents hate the piles as they find it an eyesore.

    you decide :-)

    i have never stacked
    but i have photographed the piles


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    heard it called a "wish garden" not remember it being there on my first visit many many years ago, but now every year when we take a ride we notice it getting bigger and bigger and it is everywhere....surprised the locals just don't ride over them to get rid of it if infact they consider it and eyesore....!!!!
    Would not bother me a bit if I never saw it again.....
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