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Thread: service dogs

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    service dogs

    i had a message this morning from a brand new forum member who has not yet had their membership processed, therefore cannot post yet.

    she has a medical condition and has a service dog, with all of the appropriate certificates/paperwork necessary.

    she is concerned that her resort will disallow her, although on the confirmation she would be bringing her service dog and it states clearly that service animals are welcomed .

    i called the resort on her behalf and spoke with the GM. He assured me that service animals with proper identification and certifications are welcomed, but those that do not appear to have the correct paperwork will not be allowed onto the property.

    rule abuser: a few years ago a woman brought her "service dog" to lacabana. she posted photos of it on in a tube in the ocean, dog on the bed, dog on the kitchen counter.........all in various forms of cute doggy resort wear. lacabana removed her and her 4 legged princess from the property

    have any of you brought a service dog to aruba? have you seen any there?

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    Here is what I can tell you with regards to this topic at the Surf Club. Over the past few years we have heard people on the beach discuss their comfort dogs (not the same as a service dog) and how easy papers can be obtained. Cost for cleaning at the SC is $20/day so far cheaper than a kennel. People do and will make their dog a comfort dog in order to bring them to Aruba. Over the past 3 or 4 years we have seen an increasing number of comfort dogs show up at the SC.

    I actually spoke with a person who had a true comfort dog at the SC. However, not only did they have their small dog with them (who was there legitimately) but their children each brought their own dog for a total of 3 dogs in one villa.

    I have suggested to management that proper tags be distributed to registered dogs so they can be easily identified. Easier to spot the dogs who shouldn't be there. Also, proper cleaning must be done to the "dog" rooms and all guests must notify the SC PRIOR to arrival that they will be bringing a dog. In addition, the cost to clean a dog room should increase as to clean a room properly all the upholstery and carpeting must be done. This is expensive to do and far more than what they are charging. Also the increase might deter people who are comparing the cleaning cost vs kennel cost.

    There are people who need a comfort dog and no real issue with this but as with so many things, the ones who take advantage ruin it for the rest. As a result, the SC is going to be looking over some of their policies to reflect the fact that too many are "cheaters". I have no idea what they will be doing.
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