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Thread: Sky Diving and Prosthetic Leg

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    Aruba since 1979
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    Sky Diving and Prosthetic Leg

    A while ago, a gentleman lost his prosthetic leg while skydiving on Aruba.
    A BOLO was put out, and asking for whoever found it to make contact.

    Well it was found... I guess it was yesterday .... and the leg was brought to Moomba and then handed off to Gaby Gonzales of Aruba's Hands who in turn will get it to its owner.

    The owner will have his leg back in no time.

    As annoying and frustrating as Facebook saved the day for the gentleman who lost his leg!!
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    Wow, this whole story is amazing! Thanks Andrea for posting.

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    Nice endind, someone could have end up dying from a falling prosthetic leg... would have been so sad...

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    I've been following this on FB. Gaby is making sure the leg keeps busy until it is picked up. The leg has been busy cleaning pools, going to breakfast, and the Alto Vista Chapel. I believe the owner's friends who will be transporting leg back home arrive this week.
    ​Laura from NH/Divi Village

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