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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: supporting Aruba's businesses

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    supporting Aruba's businesses

    I have gotten numerous messages about crowd funding to help Aruban businesses and/or individuals.

    Although crowd funding is a wonderful thing, here on this forum and many FB groups we are disallowing it.

    I do have a suggestion could contact your favorite Aruba restaurant or business and ask about supporting them by buying gift cards/certificates online.

    If you check your favorite bars they may be having some "parties" that they are streaming live on FB or other watching sharing places.
    Some of those may be asking for donations and that too may be a way to support.

    We as a forum community cannot be all things to all people.
    I know that yes, absolutely kind thoughts and prayers are not enough.

    Also contacting your favorite Aruba restaurant or bar or person by email or FB and reminding them that of course they are in your thoughts, but also that you wish them well and look forward to visiting Aruba in the near future.

    Every contact that I have made (my dentist in AUA, Hans of Tropic, Bavaria and a couple of other places and people) all responded kindly thanking me for my thoughts and telling me to be safe and to hang on, Aruba will open and be as great as always.

    This is a difficult, scary and scary time. All of this is so new.

    We just have to remain patient and hope for the best.
    This too shall pass!
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    I agree. There are several folks in Aruba that we keep in touch with, and we will continue to do so. We tell them to be safe and that we are coming back! In fact, we are trying to finalize our airbnb stay for next early March, to extend our TS stay on the island. We will be generous with tips as we were before we left. Lets hope everyone can do the same. Aruba is in our hearts for sure.
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