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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Tell About Your First Trip to Aruba

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    Our 1st trip was in 2012. Friends of ours had done a long weekend trip over Labor Day Weekend the year prior, and casually mentioned that they were going again, and did we want to join them. Our 20th anniversary would be coming up in October, so we decided to go. Stashed our son (HS sophomore at the time and would be deep in the throes of HS soccer, so he declined the trip) with a friend and off we went. We missed the trip the years he was a Freshman in college (move in weekend) and a sophomore in college (he had transferred universities, and was playing college soccer at his new school, and we did not know when the team would have to report).

    What started as a long weekend in 2012 has expanded to 10 days (hopefully) this August. The theme for this trip is #10days. In a fun twist this year, my parents will be taking THEIR first trip to Aruba, and they overlap our trip by 3 days. So we'll have our friends group (could be 4 ppl, could be as many as 12), and then my parents, who'll be staying at the Ren. We all stay at the Marriot, so we'll have to get together for dinner one or two nights.
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    Our first time was in 1995. My mother won a pick 4 in NJ and decided to take the family on vacation. She went to a travel agency to look for a trip. The gal at the agency said she had just come back from a trip to Aruba. None of us had ever heard of it before so we only went for 5 days. We stayed at the Bushiri. My kids were teens at the time and loved it. They got to learn scuba diving and snorkel and eat any time they wanted. 20 years later they told me they drank what they wanted too. You know how teenage girls never look their age.
    Since it was all inclusive and we didn't know the island we ate there all the time.
    The package contained different trips so I went with my parents while my husband did the active stuff. As you know 5 days is not enough.
    We went back in 1998 and stayed at the Bushiri again. On a miserable rainy day we did one of the timeshare meetings and bought our first week at LaCabana. The rest is history. Sorry we traded our weeks for points since it is hard to get the time we want in Aruba but we somehow get back every year.
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    1989 honeymoon; people had no idea what we were talking about when we said Aruba
    Stayed at the Americana because I was so excited to have a swim up bar (it still does)
    Young, naive; hardly left the resort except for a day driving around the island and a day downtown
    Loved it so we went back once or twice a year before kids; then we went a few times when we could pawn the kids on grandma for a week so we could go; then took the kids a few times when they were teens; now go at least every other year.

    A side note about one of those teens we took: Mid-March this year My daughter, who is now 25, had just booked her first trip to Aruba on her own with her BF for May. I feel bad for them. They were so excited. She had found an inexpensive AirBNB and very cheap airfare and now it's cancelled.

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