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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Tell us of your FIRST visit?

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    Deja Vu. Thanks for bringing it to the forefront again

    and maybe a 55th b-day in Aruba, Feb, 2020

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    Since 1980, and throughout the many changes, we still love going downtown in Oranjestad.
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    Hi everybody,

    I wish I had seen this thread earlier, but no matter. I never get tired either of Aruba or talking about my first vacation there. I'll try to be succinct here but no guarantees

    How and when did I even find that Aruba existed? In 1976 I was on vacation in Bermuda. I met a British businessman who had his company arrange his travel so Aruba was his last stop. He did the trip twice per year. He loved it.

    The sing-songy sounding name stuck with me. In 1980, I decided to go. No Internet then. I wrote to the Aruba Tourism Office in Toronto. Six weeks later, a thick envelopes of brochures arrived. Many of them fell apart because of my non-stop handling of them.

    Now to getting there. My travel agent gave me a blank, vacant stare when I told him where I wanted to go. He had no idea what or where Aruba was. Eventually, we got it figured out. Winnipeg to ORD, then onto MIA on Northwest. Overnight in Miami. The next morning, Eastern Airlines to AUA. It was mid-June 1980.

    I was booked into Manchebo Beach Resort. Great relaxing week there. Drank lots o Amstel. Manchebo and Talk of the Town were owned by the same people so we could eat at ToTT. That was thee special occasion restaurant for Aruba. No tie, no jacket, no dinner!

    Scaramouche, with the bright red lipstick logo, was the infamous disco downtown.

    I had a fabulous time there. The beaches, the people (both Arubans and visitors) and just the whole feeling of being safe and comfortable made me want to return again and again. All the things which made Aruba so wonderful in 1980 are still there in abundance almost 40 years later.

    Winnipeg, Canada
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