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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Timeshare storage

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    Aruba since 1979
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    May 2007
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    my dermatologist says it is a marketing ploy.
    he says the ones with zinc oxide in it last years.
    the ones we had left in aruba were still within date when we used it.

    the sunlotion i use every day rarely lasts very long, so it goes empty way before expiration.
    the no ad lotion (#15) that i use daily and just bought expires in Jan 2017.
    if weather is good here, i may get thru the rest of october with it

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacki View Post
    If you travel to Aruba multiple times per year it would actually cost less than an additional suitcase

    And doesn't sunscreen expire? Or is that just a marketing ploy to get us to throw away the unused sunscreen & buy new each year?
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    Senior Member cindyo's Avatar
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    Reniassance Island & Surf Club Lazy River
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    What do you store in your timeshare storage tote? Help me out here!!!

    I want the Timeshare storage tote!

    these are the things that I would store in them....floats, collapsible coolers, sippy cups, salt and pepper, solo cups, sunscreen, vacation vault, flip flops, crystal lite packets, alcohol(?) , laundry detergent, paring knives, blue ice pack, visor, eco totes, baggies, Saran Wrap, bike lock....

    Help me out here
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    May 2007
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    Great list so far! I would add an extra pair of sunglasses, snorkel gear, Aruba specific items - casino players cards, big floppy hat
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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    Aruba since 1979
    Andrea J.'s Avatar
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    May 2007
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    here is our list (found on my word docs)from last time we stored
    2 set snorkel gear
    1 pool noodle
    (in large lock and lock splenda, tea bags, sugar, unopened smucker strawberry jam, 5 microwave popcorn, coffee filters)
    2 aerosol #30 sunblock
    1 #8 lotion
    2 visors-me
    1 hat -paul
    4 tide pod
    4 dryer sheets
    2 large lounge chair towels
    1 alum foil
    1 2 qt pitcher
    1 pack ziplock freezer bags gallon
    1 glad plastic wrp
    power strip
    2 pair crocs, me and paul
    1 bottle unopened parrot bay rum
    casino cards and lanyards

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    Senior Member rob o's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
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    A question......anyone know what the conditions are where things are stored. A shed? A garage? In a room in a house? Air conditioning or broiling Aruba heat?
    Please contact via e-mail at

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    In the pool.
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    We use those vacuum seal bags/cubes that give you a TON more space by shrinking clothes, towels , sheets, pillows etc. We had two Rubbermaid storage containers and that we'd have closed on the house on our next trip down but here's what we stored:


    Lots of J-Cloths
    Dishwashing soap
    One sponge
    Two chamois cloths
    Plastic jug with lid for margaritas
    Bag of plastic Solo cups
    Salad Spinner
    Paper Towels
    Paper Napkins
    Blue/white knife sharpener
    Barbecue lighter
    Big barbecue tongs
    Webers grill spray
    Cooking Spray
    Small non-stick frying pan
    Foil (Snack, Slider and Large)
    Salt and pepper
    Garlic powder
    Insulated cooler bag


    Patron Silver (1/2 bottle)
    Grey Goose (almost full small bottle – mickey)
    ½ 26 oz Cointreau

    Lounge floater


    Shaving cream
    Lidocaine and Aloe gel
    Two bags Method Hand Wash
    One bag Method Laundry Soap
    Almost full bottle face wash
    Two pumps of Off DEET
    Six rolls of toilet paper
    One mini Lysol
    Bed Head
    Dental floss
    Big box of Q-Tips


    Black and Decker yellow roll measuring tape (30 meters)
    Swimming Ear Plugs
    Shout Wipes

    Three water shirts
    White shorts
    Two bathing suits
    Linen pants
    Three Calvin Klein v-necks
    Three pairs of socks
    One Calvin Klein BLACK v-neck
    Three pairs of socks
    Orange v-neck
    Purple golf shirt
    Bula blue/white shirt
    Cargo shorts
    Water shoes
    Three dry fit shirts
    Four running shorts
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    Senior Member kent's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    palm beach, mangel halto for snorkling
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    Money!!!! That way you are SURPRISED when you come back to Aruba!!!!
    Snorkel Mangel Halto, day or night with a waterscooter. Check out our website. E-mail Alex at or call Alex local: 745-7459 Or visit: 53rd trip Dec 5, 2018.
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    Feb 2011
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    I'm a little curious. Are you folks who use storage staying for extended periods of time? DW and I stay in our timeshare for two weeks once a year and never felt the need for storage. We manage on one checked bag each and buy what we need or borrow it from the timeshare (pool noodles, etc).
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    May 2007
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    We have used this company since their second year in business and we actually have 2 bins and my kids keep telling me to get a 3rd but I am not relenting just yet!

    Lou and Joanne are amazing to deal with and very reliable. The bins are always waiting for us upon our return to Aruba and pick up at the end of our trip is very easy. You just email them about 3 weeks prior to arrival and I usually arrange pick up at that time too. We love the bins!! When they pick the bins up at the end of our trip we pay our storage fee (cash only) and we get a receipt.

    We store our floats so we don't have to bring them every trip, flip flops, collapsible cooler, all our ziplocs, saran and tinfoil. We put in the bin any leftover plastic cutlery, paper plates, napkins, etc. Tide pods, leftover shampoo, shaving cream, hair spray, etc. We leave extra toothbrushes, hair brushes and razors and various spices (salt, pepper, etc)bug spray and leftover sunscreen. Many of these are in large ziploc bags and in our cooler. Its amazing how quickly you fill up these bins. I keep a list of what I have stored and a list of what else to bring next trip. I don't think I would last without these bins.
    happiness is going to Aruba with your adult kids because they still want to come with their parents
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    Aruba since 1979
    Andrea J.'s Avatar
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    May 2007
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    you will have to contact lou/joanne
    i know they have a storage unit place and they do advertise it as climate controlled.
    check with them for particulars

    Quote Originally Posted by rob o View Post
    A question......anyone know what the conditions are where things are stored. A shed? A garage? In a room in a house? Air conditioning or broiling Aruba heat?
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