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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Turtles .. Nesting and Hatching 2019

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    Turtles .. Nesting and Hatching 2019[0]=68.ARBNe5VQkdJwC_6CN1uGjm_ox8yU3hukSAjtVentQ_xJ_X wBX5rMd0m6_j7OrNbPnR1aT5uI0L0csrMhi9l8RgskONJOk3SJ PrMo_n1zZkRb8fRK3jwdQX7chyqVRpnQ0CP5UJ6fpFdrohhrQy waR61knuXaQxstYy9bb5aYzcpVi-JilY95kCVfCR-ZUkryrgBz5ncFSjuwBkQHo8VWwGINsUTJ-vxbmTM_3lRxtmrj1OAEA0dUXaS_PFdmqozDllf85oPOWFT9AKO ETsONmj-E-k7RFI4nZtieP84P2LHypHF-_GvJdwRsw3FjrGpBQTaO_ZrcSFYMY7UI_nDvxvg8NOej8yfVSN vDOiWdJV3YZoo

    Check out above link for the TURTUGA ARUBA FB page and news
    36 nests!!!

    Turtles ..  Nesting and Hatching 2019-65878471_2530591093631196_1528959682511634432_n-jpg

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    wow, more than doubled the amount from last year, pretty cool.

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