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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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Thread: Using cell/internet on the island?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gaby View Post
    i have that map, learned about it from this forum my first year going to aruba. i always take it, just leave it in the rental car
    Same, but I don't think I actually look at it in Aruba. It stays in my magazine rack at home and I bring it to Aruba every year!

    Audia - Aruba is only 19 miles long & 6 wide - you won't get too lost! and the Divi Divi trees point toward the resort area! The land doesn't let you get lost
    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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    that's what I do Jacki. I take it but never look at it, lol

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    How I got my Borch map. Approx 7-8 years ago I went on the Borch website to order the Aruba map. After filling out all the necessary info (shipping, billing, credit card info) the website says that the map was not in stock. On their website it didn't say anything about ordering from Amazon. Maybe Amazon didn't sell the map back then. I forgot about it not going back on the website at a later time to see if the map was available.
    Many months later (at least 6 months if not more), I get a phone call. I asked "who's calling". It was from Borch. The man said that I tried ordering the Borch map on (date) and they were out of stock. He wanted to let me know that the map was now available. He took my order over the phone and I got the map in the mail in record time.

    Now, that was great customer service. The Borch map is the best map of Aruba.

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