It's been awhile since I have been able to go to Aruba, unfortunately. But, my favorite was the Excelsior. It was a bit of a pit, but the poker section was tremendously fun (and usually ended well for me). One of the old Poker Managers, Marta, was super nice and helped me get a few collectibles. I think she worked at the Americana Casino way back.

Xanadu Casino: Help Needed-excelsior-5-2010-m-martis-jpg

I had a lot of great nights at the Excelsior.

As a collector, that's a much harder answer. I love finding stuff from the old, long gone casinos the most (King International, Sheraton, Aruba Caribbean, Americana). For most of them, finds are few and far between, though. I am always adding, nonetheless. I have a lot more than when I first started posting on this board, some of it pretty hard to come by stuff.

Now, just hoping to get some stuff from the Xanadu and Liv, and maybe a photo of the sign and entrance to the Xanadu.