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Aruba Nights Island Guide
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    Quote Originally Posted by lucky View Post
    hey vallond,what does aruba have that trinidad & tobago doesn't
    Aruba and Trinidad and Tobago are near mirror images of each other, we're both in the Southern Caribbean outside of the main path of passing hurricanes. We look forward to Carnival Celebrations each year, we create and eat some exotic foods that cannot be found anywhere else, and we have a history of being known for our diverse populations and cultures. Exceptions being languages where Arubans speak four languages while Trinis speak just English, Status in the sense that Aruba is still a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands while Trinidad and Tobago has been independent from the U.K. for the last 54 years, size in that Aruba can fit inside both Trinidad and Tobago comfortably, layout: Aruba is has two mountains while T&T has several,and climate:T&T has a rainy season where the rainfall can last anywhere from a few minutes to close to an hour, whereas Aruba has rainfall that lasts a few minutes(although last year the passing hurricane and the heavy rainfall in late November/early December and the flooding that resulted was something different) currency: Aruba has the florin and US dollar, T&T just the TT$. T&T has wider options in shopping for clothing, shoes, and (most importantly in my case)bookstores.

    I guess what I like about Aruba and hence the reason why I visit is the way I feel while I am there. I feel like the real me that I am meant to be, I feel more alive. On my first visit to Aruba I had to take the shuttle bus from the aircraft to the terminal building, while getting off the aircraft there was this smell that reminded me of going to Tobago to visit my dad and even when I lived there for a few years with him. It was the smell of baked concrete and jet fumes, that smell reminded me of home and that was how I felt on my first visit to Aruba, as though I had just come home.

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    10 days I'm ready to go home, 12 is the longest we stayed. I get so relaxed and brain dead that after 12 days not only can't I remember my work passwords, I can't even remember my signon id!

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    So far we have spent 6 nights and loved it. We bought our timeshare so we have a week going forward. This year we have a 15 day cruised planned so our kids will use the timeshare. Add in all the camping we do plus we both work and it looks like it will be just our week for a while.

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