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Thread: Bringing an infant and gear

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    Pop-pop Brian

    Bringing an infant and gear

    Hi All, we are going to Aruba next Sunday (7/14/19) and will be bringing our family including our new 5 month old Grandson. Besides the Marriott Surf Club supplied, Pack and Play and high chair and the other items we are bringing (stroller), what other supplies/ gear should be plan to bring to Aruba or what is readily available there? For example we have a beach "pack & play" that we use here in NJ, but it seems kinda large to bring with us. Any other similar more compact items for keeping a baby on the beach? My daughter and son-in-law will be packing everything they can think of but are there certain things we can get there vs. bringing from home and any MUST bring items we should remember. Thanks for any suggestions and tips.
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    Aruba since 1979
    Andrea J.'s Avatar
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    Well the good thing is that the child is probably not yet real mobile...........(except for rolling)
    My guess is the car seat/stroller seat on the beach under the shade.
    Also a blanket spread out with some towel bumpers? (keeping a close eye that the towels do not interfere with the child.
    All a child of that age really needs is shade and a place to be held in the shade and a place to nap.
    I think there is sunblock for infants.
    Since Aruba is not a 3rd world country, all necessary supplies can be found there.
    Really, a 5 month old in a high chair? Wow. The baby sits up at 5 mos?

    We found that traveling with our grandsons as infants so much easier than as toddlers!

    THINK.. is it Thoughtful? Helpful? Inspirational? Necessary? Kind? sidtm
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    Pop-pop Brian
    Thanks Andrea, Yes, he is starting to eat and sits in the high chair for those first foods (oatmeal, banana, sweet potato, avacado). The stroller we have is a good one with lots of room, multi position and does cover him completely. Other than dragging it to our umbrella/ palapa through the sand, I guess that is the best thing to use on the beach. Even though we know we can get all baby supplies at super markets there you know young parents...they want their prefer brand of diapers, etc for their little one. I guess in any case, we will be "lighter" going home. LOL.
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    My cousin takes this everywhere for her daughter and it is super convenient for feeding or just sitting with toys. It's small, light and portable travel booster seat. The baby is a few months older than yours though.
    I would say clothing/suits with uv protection and hats with a chin strap are necessary.
    The best trip is the next trip. Anxiously waiting to book something.
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    We had our grandson with us when he was about 18 months. The things considered necessities were swim diapers and a good stroller. The rental car place (Royal) provided a car seat. Here's an interesting article on sunscreen for infants:
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    Remeber to keep the child hydrated....lots and lots and lots of liquids...water I would think!
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