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Thread: Wacamaya Condo's- Good place to stay?

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    Quote Originally Posted by schexc View Post
    It's in our Signature. Our unit only accommodates two people though.
    Oh ok. Thanks.

    Quote Originally Posted by schexc View Post
    We, along with a number of forum members stayed at the Tropicana last year when they were offering a killer deal for around $25.00 a night. I think we paid around $770.00 for three weeks with taxes and fees. It's still going through renovations and the your pictures are of the older rooms. They are pretty good size and come with a full kitchen and washer/dryer. The renovated rooms are updated, minus the washer/dryer. The people and property are very nice and within easy walking distance to the beach. It is also very close to Super Foods, but do not walk there, as the road crossing is very dangerous; always take a cab to it. Be aware that this is a timeshare resort, so the sales people will tail you. Just politely tell then your not interested and they'll go away. If you are interested plan on two plus hours before you can escape.

    I'm sure others can offer their opinion.
    Wow, I would LOVE to find a deal like that. I might even stay longer. I just checked to see if I could find a deal anything like that and nothing. I checked SW travel+hotel and it actually ended up being a lot more to do it that way than booking by itself. Darnit.

    So the pictures posted are the older rooms? I would have thought that would have been after the renovation. They look pretty good to me so I can only imagine what the newer rooms are like. Did you stay in an older room and how did you feel about it? I have seen some pictures on TA that say they are disgusting and had roaches and rusted refrigerators and so on. That kinda scares me. I like the idea of having a washer/dryer. That would be awesome!!! Do you have to pay extra to use it?

    Thanks for the info on Super Foods. Although I wasn't planning on walking there, since it would be too much of a hassle to try to carry food back to the hotel, it's good to know just in case we forgot anything and needed to run over real quick.

    Definitely not interested in any timeshare (since 99.9% of our vacations consist of cruising and not land vacations) and I'll make sure to politely tell them no.

    Quote Originally Posted by aquaman View Post

    Yes the Villa you looked at is booked. However, my other Villa is available for those dates. Check it at

    I had suggested calling as I also like to speak to find out exactly what a renter is looking for. Andrea, the moderator for this forum has been to this Villa of mine. You might want to ask her about it.

    if I could understand exactly what you are looking for I could respond by pm or email


    I did check the other villa out as well. Absolutely beautiful places. It would make the perfect place if some of my other family members (my oldest daughter, her fiance, and grandson) were coming like they normally do on our cruises. But, with just us 3, it is probably a little too much "home" for us.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    i have been in John's other home/villa and it is LOVELY. i would stay there with no hesitation.

    also too, we have stayed at the tropicana numerous times and most recently in nov 2016 for 15 nights.
    we too got in on the awesome deal, as did schexc, and brady bear.
    we had a partially renovated unit (all that was left to be done was replace living room furniture)
    we loved the trop and would stya there again without question.

    yes not walkt to or from the grocery store superfoods.
    take a cab or use a rental car.
    the cars are not cautious about pedestrians.
    Thanks for the info. So have you ever stayed in one of the rooms before renovation? I'm interested in knowing what people think of those (like the pics I posted).

    Quote Originally Posted by Jacki View Post
    I have stayed at Tropicana many times and love the size of the rooms for my family of 5. Great price for the accommodations you get.
    Thanks. Was it one of the older rooms?

    Quote Originally Posted by Andrea J. View Post
    jacki you too got in on the great deal last summer right?

    the tropicana is imo a hidden gem.
    the staff is good, the place is clean, the units are very good sized.
    it is non pretentious...even the renovated units are quite comfortable.
    Hidden gem=great to know and makes me feel better.
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    Mariza Garcia comes very highly recommended. Her email address is mflda @ yahoo . com. (without spaces)

    Use the search feature on the upper right side of the page. I'm sure there are other sitters who our forum members have used & recommend.

    Jacki ~ loving Aruba from NJ
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    i have pulled the Tropicana discussion and created its own thread in the timeshare category Tropicana Info
    ​In a world where you can be anything, be kind!
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