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Who's at the Tamarijn right now?

  1. Mr. Ratt
    Mr. Ratt
    Greetings fellow Tamarijn lovers.
    My Lady and I are heading to the island the 2nd week of April, and I'm wondering if one of my favourite folks is going to be around.
    I'm trying to find out if Isa, the little spitfire server at the Cunucu Terrace will be on vacation while we're there (which tends to happen) or if I'll be lucky enough to see her this time around.

    If, as I say, there's anyone reading this that's there now, if you encounter her in the morn or at lunch, would you be so good as to enquire for me and get back to me here. My name's Michael just in case she wants to know who's asking...

    I would attempt email, but the fact is, these folks make new "best friends" each and every week, and were they to give out their email addresses to every single person, and attempt to respond to even half of them, they wouldn't have a life.

    Thanks in advance if anyone can help me...
    And if you're at the Tamarijn that week, say hi, to me that is, I'm easy to spot...
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