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    Explore the fascinating desert terrain of this Caribbean island by Jeep, bus or ATV tour. Visit the gold mine ruins in Aruba, looking back at the island's past. Blaze through the trails of one of Aruba's famous "hills," from where you'll enjoy a spectacular view of the countryside! Emerge onto the rugged coast of Aruba, where the sun shimmers off the sea and waves crash against the shore in a display of nature's unique performances.

    Thrill Seekers can prepare themselves for the ride of their lives, by partaking in an unforgettable adventure exploring the wild side of Aruba by All Terrain Vehicle (ATV). Tours are led by an expert guide who will safely guide you through the streets of Aruba, cruising by island residents' charming and colorful homes. As soon as you leave the paved roads, it's time to be jauntily bouncing through the starkly beautiful Aruban countryside.

    Another great way to navigate the island in a single day is a Jeep Safari. A jeep tour "wagon train" will often contain ten or more four wheel drive vehicles, consisting of Jeeps and Land Rovers.

    Organized jeep tours in Aruba often stop at the California Lighthouse, charming Alto Vista chapel, Seroe Crystal, the Bushiribana gold mill ruins, famous Natural Bridge, through the back roads to the Guadirikiri caves and finishing off on one of Aruba’s pristine beaches.

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