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Kids kayaking in Aruba


Kaweta. It means “curious” in Papiamento, and it’s the perfect word to describe Aruba’s spirit of adventure.

Kids kayaking in Aruba

By land and sea

Indulge your wild side by windsurfing, kitesurfing, or cruising on a catamaran above the clear, calm turquoise waves. Or, scuba dive and snorkel through the reefs and shipwrecks beneath them. The warm southern Caribbean has graced Aruba with world-class watersports.

Venture inland and you’ll find even more to experience. Explore the caves and ancient boulders of Arikok by foot, horseback, or ATV. Dive headfirst into the tranquil depths of “Conchi,” a hidden natural pool. It’s easy to wander our whole island in search of happy adventures.

Summer Vacation in Aruba

Check out my list of the top 10 most adrenaline-pumping experiences right here on the One Happy Island!…

Aruba adventure vacations are perfect ways to balance the serene beauty of our relaxing beaches with our untamed and accessible natural wonders. On our small island, it’s easy to wander your way to happiness. To explore the peaks of our towering cliffs and depths of our crystal-clear sea all in the same day

By foot, car, off-road vehicle, or through one of our many Aruba adventure tours, Aruba adventure travel is your opportunity to indulge your curiosity, or follow the lead of an experienced local guide to parts unknown. To truly blaze your path across our dushi tera – our sweet land – however you see fit.

Indulge your wild side

Rock Climbing in Aruba

Adventure Travel

From land to sea, Aruba’s diverse geography offers a variety of opportunities to explore in your quest for adventure.

Kitesurfing in Aruba

Extreme Vacations

Embrace your daring side with a wide array of exciting extreme vacation experiences, many of which are unique to Aruba!

Golf Course with California Lighthouse in Aruba

Aruba Golf Getaways

Home to two picture-perfect courses, Aruba offers a fantastic golf escape for amateurs and professionals alike.


Join the fun of parasailing on Palm Beach and experience a feeling of exhilaration just as the parachute fills with air.


More Fun in the Sun


NEW! Aruba UTV Adventure Tours by Fofoti

Aruba UTV Adventure Tours by Fofoti

Adventure Vacations

Our Top 4 Island Experiences

There’s a wealth of things to do in Aruba beyond the mandatory beach time. Here’s some of the best…

Featured Adventures



Aruba Outdoor Adventures

Delphi Watersports


Delphi Watersports

Pelican Adventures


Pelican Adventures