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    Reflecting the island’s cultural diversity, every ethnic cuisine imaginable you’ll be able to find in Aruba. From Italian, Japanese and Belgian to Mediterranean, Brazilian and Peruvian fare. No matter the cuisine, most restaurant menus in Aruba feature fresh local seafood and take full advantage of Aruba’s Caribbean address.

    Also try restaurants in Aruba that serve traditional local food. Typical Aruban dishes include pan bati (cornflour flatbread/pancake), carni stoba (beef stew) and keshi yena (stuffed cheese).

    The majority of restaurants in Aruba can be found in the high rise hotel area of Palm Beach, in downtown Oranjestad and alongside the beautiful Caribbean Sea. From upscale indoor dining at a steakhouse to beach front dining while wiggling your toes in the sand – Aruba’s restaurants offer options for everyone.

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